Some Froshfrosh at Harvard livin it up in the shittay dorms
plus that 9pm meetings. yaahs

plus that 9pm meetings. yaahs

A lot of the time when you tell someone that you’re bisexual, they ask for your credentials. They ask how many men have you dated? How many women have you dated? Which one do you prefer? Which one have you had more sex with? These are incredibly personal questions that you wouldn’t ask a straight or gay person, but bisexuality has “less validity” so we get asked all these stupid, intimate questions. And if you don’t want to answer then someone will make assumptions about you but if you do answer, and the fact is out of the three people you fucked two of them are one gender and one of them is the other then people will decide whether you are gay or straight, they’ll make the decision for you.

—Important stuff to think about.

(Source: rainbowbreathingbisexual, via perceptualshift)

En s’exposant au monde, l’individu trouverait peu à peu son orientation, et comment garder son équilibre.


les projets final!

  • matt: cafés de paris, mouvements intellectuels [parisian cafés and intellectual movements]
  • jiyae: espaces publique [public spaces]
  • mai: quartier vietnamien [vietnamese quarter]
  • nephat: les études / éducation des africains en paris [studies and education of africans in paris]
  • eliza: les juifs en france [jewish people in france]
  • lisa: gastronomie, cuisine française [gastronomy and french cuisine]
  • amalia: les rapports entre les gens à la table pendant dîner [the relationships between people at the table during dinner]
  • michael: basket et hip hop [basketball and hip hop culture]
  • madelyn: les lieus dans les films français [the real locations in french films]
  • katie: ex-pâts à paris, surtout hemingway [expatriots in paris, specifically hemingway]
  • madeline: communauté des impressionists [impressionist community]
  • victoria: théâtre aux années cinquante [theatre during the ‘50’s]
  • rumur: le peintre richter, spécifiquement 9-11 [the painter richter]

(there are more, but those are the ones so far. COOL.)

Figuring out Fall

So yes, I am this organized [insane]; I have basically figured out my fall courses.


choosing between C, 30, 40 (apparently 30 is awful but that’s about where I’d fit…)


choosing between French Feminism and French witches….yes, you read that right.


Language and Culture intro!

Gen Eds

trying to take two, but as you can see, I already have 3 courses which would technically put me over the limit but….definitely taking Problems in K-12 Education (US and the World) and hoping to take Stat 101 Psychological Statistics (which would count for my math…I don’t actually want to take it, but I’m not ever going to want to)


I really want to take Silkscreen; only problem is that it would take up my LIFE. Also there is a loitering class…um, yes. 

Bah. We will see.

Any way I combine these, none of my classes would meet on Friday. HOLLAH!!!!!!

So today (Day 21) we went to Giverny, where Claude Monet lived and painted the majority of his paintings, especially in the later years of his life where he became more impressionistic as he became more blind. It was rainy, but beautiful, and very nice to go to the country via the clean SNCF trains.